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Railwaytraining has built up a great deal of expertise over the past few years, which is a great added value in training, but is also used for other side projects, such as making various manuals, railway maps, etc.


You can also always rely on the expertise of Railwaytraining to take your project to a higher level.


For each training, Railwaytraining provides a customized manual. This can be both digital as on paper.

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The Belgian railway infrastructure is a complex given for many new railway staff. For years, Railwaytraining makes clear customized railway maps for those who must use them.

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Schouwing van goederentreinen 2018

As additional support for the wagon inspectors, Railwaytraining has made his own pocket book with GCU rules. Each year the wagon inspector receive a new copy on waterproof paper and in pocket size.

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