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  • Railwaytraining provides quality training and expertise with a national and international affinity and in correspondence with the the wishes of the railway market.

  • To have succeeded a Railwaytraining training is a quality label: someone who learned a job at Railwaytraining features a riven professional knowledge and has the right attitude and skills necessary for facing the challenges, the railway sector currently stands for.

  • Railwaytraining is inseparably bound up with the work on the field and is therefor able to make a perfect partner in training and expertise.

  • Railwaytraining is well known for the expertise of its employees.




Railwaytraining is a training center active in the Belgian railway sector.

Railwaytraining provides a professional job based training, which is adapted to the practice.

Through years of experience and quality in the field of training, we want to contribute to a development of the rail freight market in Belgium and indirectly in other countries, which have a rail connection with Belgium.

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