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The specific training is the training concerning specific professional knowledge and practical skills.

In order to participate in the practical part of this training, the student must be in possession of a license. In anticipation of the receipt of the license, the student can already participate in the theoretical part.

The specific training is given in function of the driving license category in which the later job will be performed as a train driver.

Railway training offers training for following driving license categories:

  • A1 - driving shunting locomotives

  • A4 - driving all other locomotives used for shunting

  • A5 - driving other locomotives than under A1 to A4

  • B2 - driving freight trains

The duration of this training is minimal:

  • A1 - 130 days

  • A4 - 2 days

  • A5 - 1 day

  • B2 - 180 days

In this training, mainly the following topics are covered:

  • knowledge of locomotives and wagons

  • knowledge of the infrastructure

  • if necessary, knowledge of the second national language (French)

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